December 26, 2014

White Blood Cell Prototype


This is a simple prototype for game that focuses on educating the user on how the Immune System works on a cellular level.

It also gave me the chance to develop a mini map that shows the user the position of incoming enemies, which was a lot easier to develop than I originally thought. It also gave me the chance to build a pooling system for multiple aspects of the gameplay. but the most interesting was the hit counters that pop up where damage is done to either the player or an enemy. If you are able to hit an enemy hard enough, then the hit counter will be in blue, instead of green, to represent a critical hit.


Click on the Natural Killer Cell on the right side of the Skeleton to enter the game.

Position the mouse in the direction you want the NK Cell to move. Enemies will start coming from the right side of the stage and can be destroyed by colliding your NK Cell’s weapons into the enemies. Try spinning up the weapons to create a faster collision with the enemies which will cause more damage to them.

How long can you survive the unending horde of Bacteria in this prototype?