October 12, 2016

VR Fantasy Football Demo

Click Here To Download The VR Fantasy Football Demo

An Oculus Rift is required for this demo.

The input relies 100% on the user’s vision when using the headset; no controller, mouse or keyboard support.

This provides a fully immersive experience!

Simply download the zipped folder using the link above, then unzip the folder and run the FantasyFootballVR.exe file with your Oculus Rift headset ready to go.

Follow these steps in order to enjoy the entire demo:

1) Deposit a fake amount of money into your demo account by looking at the option to do so right next to the user profile picture floating in the sky.

2) Once this has been done, and you have explored the “Main Menu” section of the demo, enter the “Pick Your Quarterback” section of the demo by looking at the “Today Only Enter” sign.

3) No pick your quarterback to add him to the rest of the team and then confirm your pick after exploring the “Pick Your Quarterback” section.

4) Now sit back, watch some football, follow your fantasy football points and let the money rain down on you.