June 27, 2014

Trading Card Game Prototype


I spent a week building a prototype for the gameplay of digital trading card game.

Both player’s decks are made up of some random cards I created that contain various abilities, spells and stats that mimic Hearthstone type behaviors.


Take turns playing cards from each player’s hand, but remember players can only use so many mana points per turn (starting with 1). That number increases by 1 each time both players have had a turn. Once you can’t play a card, click the end turn button on the right side and the game starts the next turn of the other player. Your objective is to take down the opposing player’s champion by depleting his life by using various spell cards and by attacking him with your minions.

Green Squares that appear behind some minions represent “Summoning Sickness”, which prevents the minion from attacking until the player’s next turn. If your minion has the Charge ability, then there is no Summing Sickness and that minion can attack immediately.

Black Squares that appear behind some minions represent “Taunt” which is an ability some minions have that force the opposing player to have to defeat that minion before he can attack any other minion or the opposing player’s champion. If the opposing player has multiple minions out with Taunt, you can attack either of them but no other targets can be attacked until all Taunt capable minions are defeated.