June 18, 2014

Spacey Ship




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Here is the current market description on Google Play for Spacey Ship:

I am Spacey Ship, be my Captain.

– Tap the ship to fly and avoid the aliens. The longer you last in space, the more points you get!

Compete with your friends!

Win the Golden Spaceship before anyone else!

– Compare high scores with Google Game Services support
– Simple Controls
– Extra flappy space ship
– Beautiful Pixel Art

Try to get 5 special ships:
10 : Green (Amateur)
25 : Orange (Novice)
50 : Blue (Astronaut)
75 : Red (Captain)
100: Gold ( Master Spaceman!)

visit www.Spaceyship.com

“Spacey Ship” is a ™ term of Playtime Labs Inc. © 2014, Playtime Labs Inc.