December 27, 2014

PartyTime Prototype


Chain Reaction – The first have 5 levels introduce you to 5 different types of Reactions that can play a role in the last two “Combo” levels. You click on the scene to cause a reaction and you try to trigger the other Reactions floating around the scene. If they are triggered then their Reaction could trigger more. To Win: Try to cause all the Reactions to go off before you run out of tries (displayed in the top left).

AirTime, AirTime – A 3D version of the AirTime HD! Tap the Balloon(s) in the level to force them into the Air, then try to keep them all in the Air at the same time to begin accumulating AirTime (seconds in Air).  Pay attention to where the warning signs appear in the sky, because a firework will fly across the screen at that same height. You don’t want your balloons to get popped. How much AirTime can you get?

Snake Tank – 6 different levels of a mini game similar to the classic, Snake.  Each of the 6 levels add something new to the experience and can make things a bit more complicated especially when your Snake grows in size. Simply click on the screen to redirect your snake towards the mouse to move him around. You can even hold the mouse down as you move it around to direct the Snake with more precision. How long will you survive in the Snake Tank?

Interactive Pop-Up Book Scene – Swipe your finger on the wall in the background to turn the pages of the book left and right. One of those pages will trigger a Pop-Up Book style scene! This is just a fun idea I had for the main game to consist of a story told through an interactive 3D Pop Up Book full of animations. You would then play a bunch of mini games to progress through the story and unlock fun bonus items that are always interactive in multiple party scenes. You ever wish to go back to the main menu, simply click on the Cup on the left side of the table.

*There is a faded square in the top left corner when playing either of the 3 mini games’ multiple level that if clicked will take you back to the Main Menu.