December 26, 2014

Candy Blaster



Google Play





Here is the current market description on Google Play for Candy Blaster Beta:

Be sure to rate the game if you would like to see it polished! We are also looking forward to any feedback or suggestions from the community. The game can grow into anything you would like.

A simple Two Button game that involves safely guiding the Candy Blaster through different levels and filling the Halloween buckets up with candy!

Play with a friend to fully enjoy the excitement this game creates, or feel free to master it solo. One button fires candy from the blue side of the Candy Blaster and the other button fires candy from the yellow side of the Candy Blaster.

You can only shoot candy from one side of the blaster at a time. The kickback from firing candy causes the Candy Blaster to be forced in the opposite direction of where the candy was blasted. Once you make it to a Halloween bucket in a level, you must blast enough candy into it to turn it orange. Turn all Halloween buckets in a level orange to beat the level and move on to the next.

Currently you can skip through all ten levels to experience everything easily by taping the buttons on the top left and top right of the screen. There are different challenges to overcome in each level to test different game mechanics, so be sure to tell us which one was your favorite when you go to rate the game.

Please rate the game! If you feel like it should continue being developed into a more polished product, let us know through your rating comments. We would love to offer more levels, better art, awesome music/sfxs, and anything you would like to see in the game.