November 5, 2017

About Us

Blue World Gaming is a small, interactive media studio specialized in multiple platform development using Unity ( We have developed projects ranging from messenger applications to Augmented Reality brand building applications to casual, free to play mobile games to Virtual Reality football training software; we can do it all with Unity.

Founded by Nick Holbrook in 2012, Blue World Gaming has developed a diverse collection of intellectual property for both clients and ourselves over the last 6 years. After participating in the HouseOgames Incubator program in Seattle, Washington in 2014, Nick moved back to Fort Worth, TX to began establishing his software development company back in his hometown. With a dream to create new, cutting edge tech jobs in his Texas community, along with building a company culture focused on sharing our success with those who need help, Blue World Gaming has begun working on obtaining funding to hire the missing pieces for our initial core team.

We are currently looking to hire a 3D artist, community manager, and a back-end developer as soon as we acquire funding. At that point, we can began developing our first set of fun applications for creating more family time as we also develop a set of AR and VR games. Small, agile teams will always be our development strategy while pushing the limits of technology and provide positive uniqueness. We are working very hard to acquire our initial funding through low budget side projects as we keep the lights on through freelance work, as well as potential crowdfunding campaigns and interested investors.