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The website is currently under development; we are setting up for a wonderful Crowdfunding Campaign to help us take our dream to the next level. After many years of working with teams all over the world, and our relentless efforts in developing a solid business plan that covers all the risks, we are now ready to add a handful of new high quality jobs to the economy. Our vision includes building a unique and diverse company culture that not only brings exciting, cutting edge experiences to various platforms, but also reaches out to the local community to make a positive impact.


We plan to make a positive, and inspiring, impact on our community by:

  1. Hosting Charity Events
  2. Organizing Charity Services
  3. Game Jams
  4. Workshops
  5. Game Tournaments
  6. Summer Camps for Game Development


We have a great line up of unique game experiences, with multiple demos prepared, which we plan to share with all of you when we kick off our Crowdfunding Campaign. We are very excited to start getting feedback about these projects and we are even more thrilled to setup rewards for your donations; this will make it very easy for us to include all of you in the process of creating these awesome titles we have planned.

We will also be releasing a free to play mobile game very soon, which will help raise money for charity and offer a glimpse at what kind of message we want to share with the world through our games. Please be sure to follow, and like, our Facebook Page to stay updated on the progress of all this excitement.


Think Positive, Act Positive, Inspire Others!